Nostalgia of Websterpup2


in tribute to this post, have some more color palettes that i’ve been keeping locked up for a while, hehe


Don’t let anyone every bring you down


Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3,4,5 Can’t find source… Sorry… Picture 6 Picture 7 Can’t find… Picture 8 Can’t find!! @n@ Picture 9 Picture 10

Also I found this….  which should be useful! :)

I hope this helps! Also, if anyone knows who created the pictures that I can’t find the source of, please tell me! :)

Rule 1


The Doctor lies, and apparently so did I. Been busy with…stuff… Okay, so I forgot to do something for Ask No Name, but it’s not like anyone’s going to notice.

I’ve been thinking about a Sailor Moon fan fic idea, so I’m probably going to leave Ask No Name on hiatus for a bit.

Sorry to anyone who finds this tumblr. If you message me, I might get back into the storyline of Ask No Name.

Until then, see ya! :)

Sorry, but I just don’t feel like it was working. :(


Hello again tumblrites! (If that’s even spelled right. o///o I’m terrible at vocab.) I updated Ask No Name yesterday in text form, but I feel kind of bad cause part 1 is in picture form. I’ll try to do something to make up for it. I was also going to see if I could get photoshop for my computer…

Still need to get photoshop…

See ya!


I probably won’t update again until next weekend, so I’ll leave part 2 on how it is for now! Yay cliffhangers! :D

Until next week! Later~!

Ja ne (See you later in Japanese)


And part two. After working on the response to my first question for a while, I realized that I only had a few more minutes until Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. It was amazing, as always, and I’m sad that the dinosaur who helped the Doctor died. (Sorry if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Major spoiler.) Anyways, almost midnight here so I’ll sign off. Good night everyone.

Also, will try to have first response done by tomorrow.

Part 2


Part 1 of my fantastic day!

The wonders of Paint.



Finally started my first ever blog (Ask No Name)! *Sqeak!* I just hope that I won’t drop it for weeks on end due to school starting up soon. :(

Am rebloging all posts to here when I feel like I need room in my other tumblrs! Enjoy!